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I want to write few lines about my experience playing for Omaha Cricket Club. When I finished my bachelors in India (2006) and played the final match for my college, I thought I will never play LEATHER ball cricket in my life. I moved to US for masters to a place where playing in soft tennis ball itself is a big deal. After I got the offer in Omaha (2010), first thing I googled about Omaha is Cricket. I was surprised to see the OCC website which maintains a great database about its history and players. By seeing the website, I was so excited and thrilled to play cricket in Omaha. I went to NP Dodge park on the first day evening itself for a practice session. There comes another surprise for looking at the facilities in the ground such as Shed, net practice, Jute mate, whites, Kits etc., I was in Cloud 9. When I played my first match, I felt like I was playing an International match and spoke to all my friends in India and told them I m playing the best cricket in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed playing all forms of cricket in Omaha and I will miss OCC.

In future, I may play in other cities.. I may get better facilities... I would still say that OCC gave me the best cricket. I m pretty sure that one day Omaha will have a ground with flood light, stadium and may be international players visiting the club..that day....I would say proudly to everyone that I was part of this club from 2010 - 2012. 

Thanks for providing cricket for all of us OCC.

- AnbuRaj Muthumani, OCA Member 2010-2012