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2012 Clinics,testimonials

"The Omaha Cricket Club, led by Bhaskar Krishna, has rapidly developed into one of the most valuable partners USYCA has made since its inception two years ago. In that time, dozens of schools and community centers have benefited from the OCC's dedication and enthusiasm, and it now appears clear that Omaha is to be come a center of youth cricket excellence largely as a result of these efforts. 

While many people in the United States talk about youth cricket, and make plans for youth cricket, Bhaskar and his team are busy doing youth cricket, and this has made all of the difference. What we need in America are doers, not planners and talkers. The Omaha Cricket Club has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a club that moves quickly to achieve the goals it has set for itself, rather than just hold meetings and make excuses. 

It is an honor for USYCA to be associated with the Omaha Cricket Club, and we look forward to many, many years of working together to develop cricket in the Omaha area."

Jamie Harrison
United States Youth Cricket Association ( USYCA)

"Bhaskar did a great job with his presentation and training on how to play cricket. We are very excited to introduce cricket to our youth this summer!, thanks" -  Kristi Peitzmeier, AV Sorensen Community center, Omaha NE


The presentation by Bhaskar on how to play cricket was awesome... The funny thing, I saw it on the Amazing Race this last Sunday.  It was one of their challenges on the show in India .  We are excited for you to come this summer to be with our children.  Thanks so much for coming to our division meeting-  PAMELA Perry Mockingbird CC Omaha NE

"Bhaskar, You and your team are doing phenomenal work in Omaha and you are an example to the rest of the country. I can't wait to start getting this year's reports of your activities!
Please let me know what you need and when you need it by, and I'll make sure you have it".- Regards, Jamie Harrison, President, United States Youth Cricket Association,

Congratulations to Bhaskar Krishna and Omaha Cricket Club for doing a wonderful job. Great job and keep up the good work- 
Yogesh Patel, Houston Cricket club,

I just thought that everyone should have a look at what Bhaskar Krishna and the Omaha Cricket Club have been doing in Nebraska- Jamie Harrison, President, USYCA

I've seen multiple organizations doing all the TALK but as always, OCC stands out by delivering with passion. Hats off to you guys- Srinivas, North Texas Cricket Club ( Nortex)

You are doing fantastic work, and it's an honor being associated with you. The pace of your efforts are an example for all others.
you and your team continue to do incredible work in Omaha, which you've turned into a hub of youth cricket in America.
Jamie Harrison, President, 
United States Youth Cricket Association, 
Hi Bhakar: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the work you have been doing in helping to promote youth cricket in the Nebraska area. It is because of volunteers like you that youths all across the USA are being introduced to a game that is the second most popular sport in the World. I want you to know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We, here at USYCA, salute you for taking the initiative in getting over 2000 youths involved in your area. Once again, thanks for all you support, and, with your help, we can continue this trend all across the USA- Orville Hall, USYCA 

Way to go on those youth cricket programs. I love the energy supplied by your passion for the game. Keep up the good work- David Sentance, USYCA