Omaha Cricket Association

2010 Nebraska Cricket League

Omaha Chargers Crowned 2010 NCL Champions

Sizzling Sandeep leads Omaha Chargers to huge victory against Lincoln Cricket Club in the 2010 NCL Championship Final.

Match Started at 11:00am in awesome weather 80 degree tops, in our beautiful NP Dodge Cricket grounds, Home of Omaha Cricket Club. Lincoln CC won the toss and put Omaha Chargers to bat. Chargers were disappointed to lose the toss but Captain Sandeep has plan B to attack the athletic power-playing of lincoln. Sandeep and Avdhoot opened the bat. Lincoln cranked up with Aikansh's swings and got a quick wicket of Avdhoot for 2 runs and soon after Gopal Allam got a misunderstanding run out. Chargers lost 2 quick wickets in early overs and fell in to a slump but Captain Sizzling Sandeep stayed on the stick calmly as he has everything under control. Sandeep knew that he has to launch his 3D power (Daring, Dashing, Dynamic) Manju to shackle lincoln's plans. Manju and sandeep steadied the innings and Sandeep started to get in to his grove and found his edge and made lincoln feel insecured and was successful to move the field in to defensive mode. Lincoln's captain and the Bazooka of heartland wanted to save his overs for the doom's day and reduce the over count by using other bowlers but Manju's command on the stick made him come back for a quickie and was able to pick his wicket after 18 well scored runs partnering with Sandeep. Sandeep was so focused and knocked few boundaries and center of the bat thuds to prove a point that "It ain't over until I say so". The Old war horse Bhaskar was sent to bat and he took little bit of time to settle after few beaten balls and a burnt sensation somewhere (I know what you guys are thinking, it is not what it is;)), he slammed a huge six and a boundary to get his memories back. Lincoln's think pad was laid and Captain Gowtham and his SU ( Strategic Unit) gathered up to shank the oldie so they brought Fire man Nipu Nagarajan to bowl the minus 10 mph balls and bhaskar couldn't handle the heat and was caught tremendously by "Can't move but if i move i can fly- kick like Bruce Lee Aikansh" on 22. With all this extras happening the main action was carried on his own shoulders by Cap Sandeep by hitting the shots in all 360 degrees of the field. All the weapons of Gautham have been exhausted by Sandeep and Lincoln decided to surrender to his heavy score 90 runs by focusing on non striker wickets Sandeep raju, Babu and Satya. Sandeep raju played good innings with a bad knee but got early run out. Big Brother Babu after his long innings of umpiring decided that chargers doesn't need any more action from him after closely watching sandeep's knock. Satya practiced in the nets for more than an hour and batted exactly as the team needed in the match and walked out as a not out batsman. Sandeep walked in to the grounds the first ball of the match and walked out on the last ball, playing a killer innings which brought every one's memories from his every inning last year. Hope we will see more of these in the future. Nandun, Gautham, Aikansh, Nipu got a piece each.

Lincoln started their batting after hearty meals (Chinese or Indian Biryani) in the lunch time. Juss kidding!!!. Ever Dependable and experienced Sudhir and Nipu Nagaraj was sent to bat. Sandeep Raju with his bad knee could not control his super speed in his first over and Cap Sandeep Nanda pulled a tremendous decision out of his hat and brought our bowling machine avdhoot for his consistent smooth swing. Avdhoot swung the ball and kept the line intact on the middle stump by taking nipu's wicket off of a great catch by sandeep Nanda in the short covers and by giving just 1 run off the over. If you ask my opinion, this guy is the most improved player of the league of this year. Lincoln tasted their first pressure point after so long cake walk and dual championships this year. Sandeep Raju was tried for an another over but his knees took over. Avdhoot bowled his best over of the match by taking LCC's Danger Dynamite Nandun's wicket. Nandun was out in avdhoot's over, after a power blow six in the previous over. Chargers were little relaxed but were reminded by right hand man of the cap, Bhaskar, that they have one more short strategy ahead to implement before raising their hands. Sudhir was patiently waiting at the wicket through all this drama trying to convince his men to focus back, he sure missed Thunder Strom Rampi at that moment, of course the whole team did!! Cap Gautham tied his pads and walked stylish, gave a smile and hit a huge six in bhaskar's so called spin bowling and announced " it ain't over until i say so". Things got steadied little bit between sudhir & gautham and chargers brought one more meeting to the table and decided to bring Rocket Launcher Gopal on cap's advice. We seriously did not realize or have been ignorant the whole season about this weapon in our arsenal. WK Bhaskar was surprised by his bouncers off of good length raising to the chest. Immediately, WK keeper came up with a killer plan which he use to run in his good old or gold days. Gopala following the instructions from the WK just like in Pro baseball games, exactly did his job with plucking sudhir's wicket. Sudhir Probably would have remembered Bhaskar's past short run up bouncers. One interesting thing to notice is Gopal made Lincoln batters to wear his helmets with his 3 yard run up:). With 3 important wickets gone, the pressure on Lincoln mounted slowly to catch the big score with asking run rate around 9. Giri was brought to the crease and he did great bowling mixed up with his doosara's and got ruchira under control but the strategy for the team at that time changed little bit leaving giri with a good bowling of 11 runs in 2 overs in his stat. Satya normally, our chargers opening bowler was saved for judgement day incase of any unexpected turbulences but in this case was brought for a kill. He did 4 great overs and picked 2 very important wickets Gautham and Ruchira. Gautham and ruchira with their cautious and cool minded batting almost brought the game back in to their hands and no need to say that satya was brought for a reason for those situations not to prolong. Bhaskar laid off his WK pads got in to spin bowling and got hit pretty bad for 2 overs and still decided to stick to the bowling line up even though cap and few others doubted. He quickly realized the mistake happening and got back to his medium pace bowling to pick 2 good wickets including the Assassin Vineet's and rest is in chargers hands to let the time run out with out making any mistakes to regret. Cornelious's support and sportsmanship was an important factor for chargers to raid the Lincoln team. Now chargers brought the specialist Devendra to nullify the last minute mistakes and he took 3 wickets in 2 overs giving 4 runs/over by sealing the deal and announcing the eminent
Champions of 2010 Nebraska Cricket League, as Omaha Chargers.

Sandeep Rahul Nanadagiri was unanimously selected as FINALS MVP for his amazing innings from first ball of the innings to the last ball and for his commanding 90 runs in Chargers win to end the championship reign of LCC.

Lincoln Cricket Club Crowned 2010 NCL Runner-Up