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Omaha Cricket Association - 2010 OCC/NCL Draft

2010 OCC/NCL Draft

  2010 OCC/NCL Draft was held on Tuesday 04/27/10 at 6:00pm, attracted about 40 players and around 10 to 15 players as absentee participants from Omaha and Lincoln area. 
This process categorized all the players in to Bowlers, Batsman and All rounders, and Selection committee picked captains depending on the head count. Captains had been given a chance to visualize the skill sets of all the players. Batsmen were given 6 balls to bat, bowlers were be given few overs to bowl and all rounders had to prove themselves in both the areas. After the batting and bowling exhibition is done, all the players demonstrated their fielding skills to the captains. After skills demo is done, Players, selection committee and Captains gathered around a white board to start drafting the players. 

 The selection committee of the draft picked 3 captains, Mr.Sandeep Nandagiri ( Omaha Chargers), Mr. Pradeesh Puthiyattil ( Omaha Hunters), Mr.Bala chander Marimuthu (Omaha Red devils). Toss decided the first pick and all captains took turns selecting their players until all the players were drafted. With OCC providing 3 teams ( around 16 to 18 players/Team) and LCC providing 1 team ( 16 players), NCL was formed.                                                                                                                        

Bowlers and batsman demonstrating their skills to the OCC/NCL captains. Draft pictures are available click here .                    
Draft Coverage