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2015 OCA Heartland Cricket League Points Table
 TeamPlayed Won Lost Tie NR  P    F   Points NRR 
 Omaha Challengers
 Lincoln Cricket Club
 Omaha Hunters51400004-1.110

P - Penalties
F - Forfeitures
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Omaha Challengers beat Omaha Hunters by 9 runs

Weather Conditions: The game started at 10:00am under bright and sunny conditions. Toss: Omaha Challengers won the Toss and decided to bat first in t....

Mavericks beat Lincoln Cricket Club by 25 runs

Match was moved from Lincoln Air Park (Lincoln) to NP Dodge Park (Omaha) and the match was reduced to 20 overs due to inclement weather conditions.  ....

Omaha Challengers beat Mavericks by 6 wickets

On a bright, sunny and hot day, Mavericks won the toss and decided to bat first. The match was delayed by 15 minutes. Mavericks started off with Sati....
2015 OCA HCL Schedule
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Date: Sun 02 Aug 2015

 MavericksOmaha HuntersHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM
 Omaha HuntersMavericksHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM

Date: Sat 22 Aug 2015

 Lincoln Cricket ClubMavericksHome (Lincoln Cricket Club) Lincoln Air Park 9:00 AM
 MavericksLincoln Cricket ClubAway (Lincoln Air Park) 9:00 AM
 Omaha ChallengersOmaha HuntersHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM
 Omaha HuntersOmaha ChallengersHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM

Date: Sun 23 Aug 2015

 MavericksOmaha HuntersHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM
 Omaha HuntersMavericksHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM

Date: Sat 29 Aug 2015

 Lincoln Cricket ClubOmaha HuntersAway (NP Dodge Park) 9:00 AM
 Omaha HuntersLincoln Cricket ClubHome (Omaha Cricket Club) NP Dodge Park 9:00 AM
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Date: Sun 26 Jul 2015

 Omaha ChallengersOmaha Hunters Won by 9 runs
 Omaha HuntersOmaha Challengers Lost lost by 9 runs

Date: Sat 25 Jul 2015

 Lincoln Cricket ClubMavericks Lost by 25 runs
 MavericksLincoln Cricket Club Won by 25 runs

Date: Sun 28 Jun 2015

 MavericksOmaha Challengers Lost by 6 wickets
 Omaha ChallengersMavericks Won by 6 wickets

Date: Sat 27 Jun 2015

 Lincoln Cricket ClubOmaha Hunters Won by 28 runs
 Omaha HuntersLincoln Cricket Club Lost by 28 runs

Date: Sun 21 Jun 2015

 Omaha ChallengersOmaha Hunters Won by 64 runs
 Omaha HuntersOmaha Challengers Lost by 64 runs
Cricket Gains Popularity With Nebraska Youth
2014 OCA Kickoff Tournament Winners

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Man of the match: Varun (FCC) for his match winning 3 wickets. 
Best Batsman : Chandu Peram - OCA Red Devils (71 runs)
Best Bowler: Dinesh (FCC) 7 wickets. 
MVP : Sandeep Raju - OCA Red devils - 8 wickets and 81 runs. 
Champions of OCA Season Kick off tournament 2014 - FCC
Runners Up - OCA Red Devils

OCA Challenger Series 2013 - Co-sponsored by Modis
OCA CS 2013 week 2 highlights:

8th edition of OCA CS 2013 Champions - Kansas City Cricket Club (KCCC)
  Runner up - Lincoln Lions (LCC)

Man of the Match - Satish 33 and 3 wickets
Man of the Series - Alex 88 runs and 8 wickets
Best Batsman - Bala 107 runs and 3 wickets
Best Bowler - Ram prasad Cheruku (Rampi) with 9 wickets, and a game changing performance in Semi finals.

Lunch was powered by Kurry Express on prelims weekends and also Semi-finals, Finals weekend. Several of our volunteers chipped in with great home made food which received admiration from KC and Lincoln.

Here is what one of the KC folks said, "We should be ashamed that we do not provide such hospitality like OCA does, next time OCA visit to KC is on me"

OCA's 8th edition of Challenger Series 2013 was one of the peacefully done, non-controversial tournaments this year. Though the playoff weekend turned out to be humid and hot, but the passion and spirits were high with music, masti, family-filled environment.

We had visitors honking from the streets to acknowledge our games. Visitors from BCBS, Sogeti, and UNMC witnessing to know the game, which made it even more interesting.

This tournament could not have been done without the help of our volunteers. At a short notice, they chipped in with preparing great food, help us pack and unpack things, do some ground support. OCA couldn't have asked for more from their volunteers who are fortunately great members of OCA.

OCA would like to extend our thanks to all the volunteers and organizing committee to help arrange such a wonderful tournament. We take pride in saying, its an honor and privilege to be part of such a family. We thank the families, kids, and support staff, and players who contributed in every way possible.

Thanks to our sponsors Modis, Kurry Express, Namaste India, SmartStream Inc, Coca Cola.

2015 OCA TT15 8th Annual Summer Blast Tournament
OYCA Coached Till Date

Kids: 4474
Coaches: 655
Schools/Institutions: 49

2014 Heartland Youth Cricket Camp/League
Kirn middle school Fitness Fair 2014
Yates Youth Clinic 2014
OCA Mavericks-UNCC Tournament Champions

2014 UNCC Night Tournament-Champions OCA Mavericks  
For more details Click here

Letter from USYCA President
Youth Clinics and Testimonials

2012 Youth Cricket Clinics

Benson Community Center, (5th of 14 community centers) June 11th:
Around 45 kids and 2 staff members attended OYCA's clinic. 4 teams were formed to play 2 matches and OYCA Presented them a free USYCA cricket set...more>>

Columbus Community Center (6th of 14 community centers), June 12th:

28 kids, 2 staff members and 1 parent participated enthusiastically in OYCA's cricket clinic. 3 teams were formed,2 softball playing staff members and the parent were included in the teams and they promised that they...more>>

Pipal Community Center (7th of 14 community centers), June 13th:
Around 50 kids, 3 staff members participated. A small sized cricket play area was set up right in front of 10 minute power point presentation to explain the basic fundamentals and differences.. more>>

Rotary Club Cricket Clinic, June 13th:
OCA conducted a cricket clinicfor 20 adults from Rotary club on June 13th. Rotary Club is a service club with over 34000 clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide conducting several social activities for kids and …more>>

Saddle Brook Community Center (8th of 14 community Centers), June 15th:
About 120 kids and 7 staff members participated in the clinic. A small sized cricket play are was set up right after a 10 minute presentation...more>>

Past events>>
KETV Coverage : 2012 Introduction of cricket to Westside Community school district's P.E Curriculum (13 schools) by Omaha Cricket Association- Midwest's first, if not Nation's first. check the video:

2012 Youth Camps

Saddle Brook Community Center - Summer Camp
OYCA conducted the 2nd straight Summer camp with 40 kids participating in our 8 week ( 2 sessions a week) OCA's Level II course. Last year's level I focused on basic fundamentals and this year's Level II illustrates ...more>>

Upcoming events>>


Students Of Brownell-Talbot School Express Gratitude

On April 8, the Omaha Cricket Club delivered cricket to the students of the Brownell-Talbot School. The Omaha cricketers could see that the children appreciated what they were doing, but yesterday, written evidence arrived by mail.